Ceramic Rotating Valve


Typical applications

       Ceramic rotary valves are widely used in silos, reactors, pneumatic conveying, and various pipelines in industries such as smelting, mining, power plants, coal gasification, and polycrystalline silicon industries. Especially in applications with wear and erosion medium, it exhibits excellent performance. In addition, its unique structural characteristics ensure that it can work continuously for a long time under the harsh conditions of wear and erosion medium.




Self-Grinding Design
In the process of valve opening and closing, the disc and sealing surface are always in plane contact, which makes the particulate medium play an abrasive role between them, so that the damaged sealing surface can be repaired at any time, and the good sealing effect of the valve can be maintained.

Self-Cleaning Design
The valve seat sealing surface adopts an open structure, and the valve disc agitates and removes the medium during each movement, which avoids the problem of internal particulate matter accumulation;

The variable flow space makes the eddy current generated by the flow medium have self-cleaning effect, which avoids the corrosion and damage caused by the accumulation of particulate matter in the valve body, and keeps the valve well sealed.

Wear Resistance
The parts that are in frequent contact with the medium are made of advanced ceramics, which have high hardness, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance. They are suitable for corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other working conditions, and have a long service time.  

Purge Design
In view of the phenomenon that the contents of the valve chamber can easily cause the accumulation of particulate matter, we add a purge hole on the chamber and equipped with a purge valve, so that the valve chamber can be purged and the particulate matter accumulated in the chamber can be discharged.

Enhanced Seal
The high-performance spring presses the valve disc tightly on the sealing seat, which has a good compensation effect.



Temperature Range

     Generally, the working temperature of pneumatic conveying system is not high. But the temperature could reach to 620 in special conditions at thermal power plant. Considering the special design of ceramics and packing materials, the normal working temperature of ceramic disc valves is 79597±2.

      The sealing property of rotating valves is very important. SSZ has advanced ceramic processing technology and professional engineers. And the sealing surface has good abrasiveness and polishing performance to guarantee V-class leakage standard that has a longer service life than similar products.



ASME B16.34

Nominal diameter 2”---14”

Pressure level CL150#-300#

Medium temperature 597