Ceramic Globe Valves




•Type:ceramic globe valve


•Pressure:ANSI CL150#,300#,600#

•Valve body material:WCB,CF3,Multiselect

•Valve internal material:WCB + Al2O3 ceramic,CF3 + ZrO2 ceramic,CF8 + ZrO2 ceramic........

•Connection:flange type,EN1092-1,DIN 2501,ASME B16.5



•Constant percentage and fast opening flow according to design line at site

•Temperature range:-29 to 320℃

•Control valve of ceramic line ball is designed for general service applications. The max. pressure level could reach to ANSI 150 which is generally used in high-corrosive medium application.




•Regulating characteristic:beside constant percentage, the customers also could use customized characteristic curves, fast opening, straight lines, etc.

•Adjustable ratio could reach to 100:1

•Spool and valve support are made by ceramics which greatly improves the wear resistance. The valve support could resist severe cavitation and could change internals.

•According to site medium, temperature, pressure, etc., different ceramic materials could be chosen that could greatly extend maintenance intervals and service life.